1882 Polonaise Evening Dress from Harper's Bazar - Striped Silk

This was the first historical pattern I ever used to make a reproduction. One of my very best customers traded a bunch of patterns to me for some work, and one of them was a full scale photocopy of the November 4th, 1882 issue of Harper's Bazar, complete with full scale copies of the pattern supplement. I love this pattern, and it's styling allows for size adjustments to be made quite easily.

As you can also see from some of the photos, this was around the time of death of my old Olympus camera. I replaced him with a Sony and I don't think he's ever gotten over it.

*As always, remember that I take these photos in very high definition. If you want to them in their original size, just right click and select 'view image' or whatever similar option your browser has.

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