1830s Puff Sleeve Day Dress - Black on White Embroidered

Like many costumers, I have a love-hate relationship with the 1830s. On the one hand, the clothing itself it beautiful; the return to bold colors, ornate patterns, and so much lace you just want to drown in it. On the other hand, those very things that make the clothes so beautiful on their own tend to leave the wearer looking...foolish. The "Little Bo Peep" silhouette is simply not very attractive on almost any woman over the age of six.

I made this using the Truly Victorian 1830s pattern (there is only one). I adore the pattern and have never had problems with it. This dress was of a fine white cotton with machine embroidery throughout. I drafted the neckline piece myself in an attempt to copy something I was looking at (poorly, I think). lol

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