Thursday, 6 August 2015

1880s Plaid Suit With Bolero Jacket

Patterns: Truly Victorian 290 "1889 Draped Skirt"
           *I used a basic bodice pattern to draft the vest and jacket.
Fabrics: Vest & Skirt - polyester/rayon suiting, plaid.
               Bolero Jacket - 100% linen suiting, black.
Final Measurements:
         Chest: 44"
         Waist: 37"
         Hem: 41" at front.

I have made this skirt pattern several times and there really isn't much to tell. The pleating at the waist can be daunting the first few times, but now it's almost second nature.

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  1. The 1880s are usually well out of my spectrum of eras but I love this suit and the combination of blues. It's so very pretty. :)