Sunday, 7 February 2016

1893 Three-Piece Suit - Shetland Flannel

Patterns: A complete hodgepodge of at least four different patterns, coupled with so many alterations that it's basically meaningless. It's a self draft at this point.
Fabric: Shetland Flannel, 100% Cotton. The weave an even mix of rust orange and cream, which comes out to this peachy hue. The lining on the jacket and vest is cream poly/rayon. The lining on the skirt is green and blue poly/rayon (you can't see it, lol)
**This was a custom order and is already
on its way to its lovely owner =D 
36" Chest
29" Waist
38" Hem

And after final changes (there were further alterations to the above sketch).
The client was looking for a slight mix of eras; the wider A line skirt of the 1890s, but without the large sleeves or shoulder puffs.

I didn't take any construction process pictures with this one, mostly because it's a self drafting and most people are looking for construction help with actual purchased patterns. That being said, some construction notes:

Fully interfaced in muslin and lined in poly/rayon. The seams are all boned with 3/8" heavy duty nylon. The The sleeves are flat lined in the same nylon and have a wide, bound cuff. The lapels are edged with velvet ribbon. The hem is edge stitched

Fully interfaced and lined. The buttons are self covered and the V neckline is trimmed with a single row of velvet ribbon.

~Skirt~ Fully flat lined with all seams bound in lace and solid seam binding. The hem is turned with white lace hem facing.

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