Thursday, 19 January 2017

1885 Blue & Black Stripe Suit

Patterns: Truly Victorian 460 Bodice (altered), TV #364 Overskirt, TV #261 Skirt, TV #104 Collars/Chemisettes
Fabric: Navy blue with black herringbone stripe, smooth faux silk. Bodice lining is yellow satin.
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Measurements (as shown in photos):
Chest - 43"
Waist - 35"
Hip - <50"
Hem: 40" at front
Back width: 16"
Sleeve - 22.5"
Neck (chemisette) - 15"

**This dress is show over a crescent pillow bustle of my own design. 

~Bodice Pattern Alterations~
The Truly Victorian 460 patterns come with a standing mandarin collar and the option for a pointed or straight front bottom edge. I altered the pattern by cutting the bottom to an vest-style inverted V. This was done for looks but also to add a bit more ease in movement and fit over of the hips.

The suit style folding collar is a very easy alterations on most simple bodice patterns. You have to face the lining, since that will be what shows when the collar is folded back, then you have to add a folding collar piece up top. I took the collar from another TV pattern from the natural form era and simply used it on this pattern.

Construction notes on bodice:

  • Fully interfaced in twill
  • Bodice lined in yellow satin
  • Sleeves lined in pink satin (I ran short of yellow satin)
  • Bodice fully boned with 3/8" heavy duty nylon boning. 
  • Closure at center front with 5 large black buttons. 
~Other pieces~
The skirt and overskirt are pretty much true to the patterns. I added ruffles to the chemisette collar and fronts, but otherwise kept that pattern the same as well. 


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  1. Ohh,this costume is so delicious! The shape, the fabrics, the stripes, everything. I love it!