1760s Robe a la Francaise - Pet en l'air

I was once lucky enough to score 16 yards of an amazing embroidered silk, which I used to make several things, including this short Robe a la Francaise, otherwise known as a Pet en l'air. The translation of Pet en l'air is, roughly, "fart in the wind". Leave it to the French to expertly combine high fashion elegance with toilet humor.

This was the second such garment I made. Unfortunately, all the photos and the video associated with the first one I made--which was done in a beautiful green brocade--have been lost to time. They say nothing vanishes from the internet, but damned if I can find hide nor hair of the thing.

Pattern: JP Ryan, Robe a la Francaise.
Fabric: Embroidered silk.

 I suppose the picture below demonstrates why the garment has it's unfortunate french name? LOL


  1. Hello! How many yards or meters did you have to use for the jacket part and stomacher? (except the skirt). Thanks.

  2. Bonjour je vais commander ce patron mais j'ai l'impression que vôtre pagnnier et bien plus grand quelle patron avez-vous utilisé pour celui-ci svp cordialement corinne