1870s Basque Promenade Dress - Rose Satin with Ivory Lace

Now, this one I remember well, even though it was some years ago. My biggest regret with this one is obviously the blue trim. I think I had intended to do a whole Fourth of July sort of thing, but I ran out of blue trim after the skirt. In any case, the whole thing started when I found a large piece of heavy, ornate Venice lace at a junk store. I think it was originally a table runner or something similar. I made appliques and also the front vest portions. The best part about busy lace if you can top stitch on it and it's practically invisible, which is why I was able to get away with hooks and eyes at the front (I detest the "hidden" hook/eye method of stitching them just to the lining and/or interfacing. The result is sloppy and the closure gaps). 

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  1. It is so fun to see how you have progressed thru your creations!! Your work is impeccable!