Thursday, 12 March 2015

Truly Victorian #163, "1887 Imperial Tournure"

It's a lobster skeleton!!!   
Or at least that was the idea, ;)

 I have made this pattern three times and I just love it. It is very easy and collapses on itself like an accordion when you need to store it. I made this one from a black mystery fabric ($1.50 a yard, anyone?) shot with silver thread. The contrast is white linen.

   I neglected to take pictures while I was mid-construction, but the most fussy part is when it comes time to insert the bones. I like to do it when everything else has already been assembled (with one side of the boning channels left open). With everything inside-out, insert the bones, then hand stitch the ends of channels closed. Then, you can easily turn it all right-side-out.

   For all I know, this is how the pattern instructions say to do it. I lost the instructions a while ago and just can't remember, LOL. =P

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