Wednesday, 16 September 2015

1890s Belle Epoque Suit - Gothic/Fantasy Styling

Patterns: Truly Victorian #496 "1896 Ripple Bodice"
                Butterick #3418 (altered)

Fabrics: Definitely not historically accurate. Polyester/rayon blend. The fabric is a two-tone red metallic and black. This puts it closer to the realm of fantasy or goth Victorian. It makes me think of something pseudo historical, like Dracula or the New Orleans Vampire Ball, LOL.

Below you can see the chemisette, as well as the best view of the alterations I made to the Butterick skirt. The original pattern has no darts at the waist, and adjusting fit at the seams only doesn't really create the smooth fit I wanted. I added SIX darts all around the waist =)

To interface the sleeves, I flat-lined the lining with crinoline, then added a ruffle of netting several inches from the top seam allowance.


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