Monday, 7 September 2015

Butterick B4513 - Halloween Dress

Pattern: Butterick #4513, from the "Retro Butterick" reissue collection.
Fabric: Polyester chiffon, velvet flocked with little bats.
Available on ebay HERE

Alterations: General fit alterations recommended, especially to the waist/bust ratio. The pattern seems to assume the wearer will utilize a girdle or other forming underwear, because the waist/bust ratio is rather wide. Bust also rides high.
*I added a matching sash to tie around the waist instead of a belt.

Alterations I will make next time: I don't really like the elastic portion at the center back. It creates gathered puffiness at the back, which doesn't make the nicest silhouette. Next time, I will alter the back to a smooth fit and add a zipper closure to the side seam under the arm.

This is a really simple pattern and should work up quickly. Be sure to use a strong elastic, otherwise it might not be able to cinch the fabric in accordingly at the back, especially if you choose to use a heavier fabric.

The skirt is circular, clearly, so you will have to let your skirt piece hang overnight (at least) before you do any hemming or other work. I neglected to do this and then realized after I did my hemming that the skirt sections on the bias had dropped nearly 3", which was very noticeable. I had to undo the hem and measure all around the fix it (which you will have to do after letting the fabric hang anyway).

Now, the fabric I used was semi-sheer, but I didn't want to add a lining to the dress (makes it harder to iron and wash later, in my opinion). So I made a separate petticoat from the same fabric as the bodice lining. It can also be worn with other skirts and dresses, so it's a win-win.

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