Wednesday, 18 November 2015

Truly Victorian #364 "1886 Autumn Overskirt" Ensemble

Patterns: TV364, "1886 Autumn Overkirt." 
                TV104, "Late Victorian Collars & Cuffs"
Fabrics: Polyester duchess satin (sharkskin gray). Rayon/polyester faille (gold)
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Alterations: Minor collar alteration to the chemisette pattern.

I have made this long draped over-skirt several times, but too often I forget the rule I made for myself the last time: Don't use artificial fabric! I say that only because I had a bear of a time ironing the the seams flat and the edges of the back where the lining is turned.

This is one of those times I wish I would really spring and get a larger dress form. The jacket is too baggy on this form, and you know how satin is. Every bump and ripple catches the light and magnifies it =/.

~The Overskirt~The back piece is essentially one large square, turned to a be a diamond shape with one point being the center back hem and the other being the closure at the center back top. When you take the giant pattern piece out it can feel daunting, but knowing it's just a square with a cutout at one end and some pleat/gather guides for the top makes it less fussy.

The front section is pleated up heavily, attached to the waistband, and then held up with the help of ribbons. Without the ribbons, the apron will sag and place a great deal of stress where the attached to the waistband ends.


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  1. I really love the final result.
    And I think all the fake blouse stuff is great!