Thursday, 2 February 2017

1780 "Zone Front" Pierrot Jacket - Pink & Green

Pattern: None. My own drafting.
Fabric: Pink silk/cotton blend faille, medium weight (70%silk, 30% cotton). Green cotton jacquard. 100% cotton gauze for petticoat.
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Chest - 40/41"
Waist - 34"
Hip - Free
Hem - 40" at front, 42" at sides, 43.5" at back
Back width: 13.5"

The zone front portion of the jacket is simply cutting a second layer of the front, sliced diagonally away and then laid over the front. Often. This portion is stitched down to the front along the whole bottom edge, but I left mine free to emphasize the impression of a separate garment.

(above) Both layers of the front share the same side-back seam.
(below) The outer layer has a separate closure, which is convenience area for tucking a fichu or flowers.

~Cuffs & Buttons~
I did the buttonholes by hand, working them over a length of pink embroidery floss to give weight and thickness. I used that same pink floss to make the Dorset buttons, which are worked over plastic rings.

(below) The unfortunate stain! =( I did not realize the fabric was blemished until I was nearly done with the entire jacket, and by then I did not have enough of the pink faille left to cut another sleeve. I can only guess what the mark is, though my best guess would be simply rusty water or perhaps a drop of tea. I did not try to clean it for fear of making it worse. It's on the inward facing side of the sleeve and not very visible during wear.


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