Monday, 16 December 2019

1911 Blue Dinner Dress.

Patterns Used: 1912 Kimono Dress, from Sense & Sensibility 
Fabrics: Blue gauze with horizontal grain and light silver two-tone woven in. Blue netting with a diamond pattern of silver floss woven in.

Chest: 39-41"
Waist: 33" or smaller
Hip: 44" or smaller
Hem: 38" from natural waist.
Bicep: 15" max.
Dress Length, back, neck to hem: 50"

General Features
The first most notable thing about this dress is that there is no closure. It is a style loose enough to be slipped on over the head, then secured with a belt (the original pattern has a fitted belt, while I chose a sash). The whole dress uses only 3 pattern pieces, as the over-skirt is just a short cut of the main skirt, front and back. 

The size chart seems true to the numbers and fits well. Though be sure to note the changes in the pattern instructions for 'D' cups and larger. 

Deviations from the Pattern
For this evening gown, I only made a few slight changes from the pattern as-is. I widened the neck over the shoulders by two inches, making it more oval than a perfect round. I cut the over-skirt an inch shorter than marked. And, because I chose an over-skirt fabric that is sheer, I did not attach the skirts to the bodice in the "sandwich" manner described in the pattern instructions because the seam would have shown through.  

One warning for this gown: Use lightweight fabrics only, lighter than standard quilting cottons at least. Because the dress is to be cinched to the waist with a belt or sash, a fabric that is too heavy will not gather in neatly. You will end up with heavy folds that are less than flattering. 

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