Tuesday, 21 April 2015

1795 Open Robe & Gown - Construction pt.II and Completion

Pattern: From Margot Hill, The Evolution of Fashion. 

There isn't much information to give on construction with this ensemble due to it being so simple. Unlike many open robes from that era, mine is a simple construction with a horizontal waist seam (as opposed to the more complex long seam styles with fold layer shoulders, etc. that were around then).

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 Above, showing the silk facing being applied to the sleeves. Note on Sleeves: If you ever make this pattern, the sleeve runs large compared to the size of the rest of the garment. I highly recommend narrowing it and/or taking down the size of the shoulder puff.
 I did fittings for the open robe over the white dress, which makes sense since the one will be worn over the other. Here you see the robe bodice after I have basted the lining in.

 Above and below show the skirt being pleated to the bodice. I did even knife pleats. The original pattern calls for gathering, but silk taffeta is far too thick and "scrunchy" for gathers.

Complete Ensemble


  1. Beautiful - love it! I've been dying to make a 1795 open robe and gown, but have been having trouble getting the fit right. Thanks for the photos and walking us through the steps. Now I feel inspired to try it again.