Wednesday, 15 April 2015

Improvised Hat Stand for Dress Form

I got a bit frustrated today not being able to take pictures of my new dress and the matching hat together at once, so I worked up something to fit on the top of my dress form to hold a hat.

I used one of those giant plastic tubs that neon orange cheese balls come in (don't judge me, lol). I just cut the hard plastic and made a fitted cylinder for the neck, but it wasn't tall enough on its own. So, I added the plastic loops at the top from 1/2" heavy duty zip ties (which I often use as bodice boning). It's all hot clue, electrical tape, and scrap fabric glued over it. =)

The only downside is that I had to make it a tight fit to keep it from slipping down and making the neck too wide for the garment, so this particular contraption can only be used on my small dress form when the neck circumference is quite small. I'll have to make another one to fit my larger dress form

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