Monday, 23 February 2015

La mode Illustree from December 8th, 1889. Pt.2

I finished the bodice from the La Mode Illustree dress. There are a few fussy parts, but that's mostly due to having NO construction instructions (they are on the supplement, but I can't read French, lol).

Sorry my picture looks kind of "meh". My dress form was not the proper size, so I had to pad it, making it a bit lumpy in the torso there, lol.

To get an idea what the pattern pieces look like, here is the layout as it appears on the extant supplement. This pattern actually comes with a lot of instructions (that whole paragraph you see under the layout). If only I could read French =P. I am posting the picture in it's original size so you can hopefully read it.
Excerpt from pattern supplement. La Mode Illustree - December 8th, 1889.

The Skirt: I have not actually decided yet if I will try to make the skirt featured with this pattern. For one, it's very simplistic and I can probably make it just from sight without going through the trouble of tracing out another piece. For second, the skirt pieces are in the pattern at 1/20 scale. It would be a lot of work to trace out and re-scale something that is, when you get down to it, just a few rectangular patterns and a standard sloped front piece. We'll see...

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