Thursday, 12 February 2015

Tackling the Terror II

The Continued Construction of Simplicity 4244

  Aside from the alterations I decided to make at the beginning (lining, interfacing, etc.), I also ended up deciding to forgo the train and make the dress walking length. I also decided against the elaborate triangle trimmings because I'm going for a more casual day dress (and I was just too darn lazy to bother once I decided I wasn't much of a fan of the pattern =(.

   Here I have the garment at the mid construction, with the side swags finished and pinned in place at the back (to be stitched down later). As you can drape isn't the most attractive thing in the world. Could be the choice of fabric, I grant you. I think something heavier and silkier would accomplish the goal much better, but with simple cotton it's pretty unimpressive.

NOTE ON SIZING-- This pattern runs big. I made the largest size, which was written for a 34" waist. I ended up getting a 40" waist, and that with my front darts almost touching and my seams being somewhat over 5/8". But, running big is better than running small. =) In fact, this is pleasant reprieve from the so-called "large" patterns that turn out to fit a size 22 woman like a straight jacket.


Now, when you see it from a side view, it's actually much better. You can make out the individual pleats and the shaping is nicer to look at, much more interesting. It's little wonder, I think, that Simplicity chose to show the garment from the side on the envelope cover. Best foot forward?

I think though, that this will look better once I have the dress form's hips padded. This garment relies on a rather snug fit on the hip, which helps lift out the side drapes and give them the lay they were intended to have. I'm just guessing at this point, but we'll see when I get further and pad it out.

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