Friday, 6 February 2015

First Post

First Post on a brand new blog. 

As this blog is currently less than 24 hours old, don't expect too much yet. I have completed one page showing my work on the latest antique pattern that has my attention (France Mode, 1893 Jacket). I will be updating in the coming days with older items I have made and will also try to work up a complete list of the antique patterns I actually have in my collection. 

I recently acquired 31 issues of Harper's Bazar from 1871, 15 of which still include their original pattern supplements. I have not even had a chance to look through them to see what the patterns are, though it was quite a wonderful gift from the mail-man. It was also a wonderful day for Mr. Advil, since 3 hours of me ironing and trimming the poor disintegrating things took it's toll on my back, lol. 

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