Sunday, 31 January 2016

1882 Tea Gown - Brick Red & Tan Calico

Patterns: Truly Victorian #432 Tea Gown
Fabrics: Red on tan print, 100% Cotton.
               Brick red solid broadcloth, cotton/poly.
               Apple Green silky lining, polyester/rayon
               Unbleached muslin interfacing (interlining), 100% cotton.
               Vintage cotton laces for trim.
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Garment Measurements
Chest: 46"
Waist: 37"
Hip: 50"
Hem at front, from waist: 40"
Hem at back, from base of neck: 70"

Garment Features:
Fully interfaced and fully lined, sack style. 3/8" heavy duty nylon boning on front darts and side seams. Hand stitching on lining and lace trim. Real coconut shell buttons. Antique, repurposed lace. Final tally is roughly 43 hours of labor and 22.5 yards of fabric/lining/interlining combined.

(Pictures of the finished garment continue about 1/3 of the way down the post, after the construction details)

Monday, 25 January 2016

1880s Three Piece Suit with Open Jacket

Patterns: Truly Victorian 261 for  the skirt. My own drafting for the jacket and vest.
Fabrics: Brown is a cotton serge, medium weight. The skirt and vest are a gold/tan/cream brocade in stripes.
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Garment Measurements:
Chest: 40"
Waist: 30"
Hip: <50"
Hem: 40" at front

Thursday, 21 January 2016

1886 High Neck Day Dress - Truly Victorian "Late Bustle" Patterns

Patterns: Skirt: Truly Victorian #261
                Over-skirt: Truly Victorian #364 "1886 Autumn Overskirt"
                Bodice (body): Truly Victorian #400 "1885 Cuirass Bodice"
                Bodice (sleeves): Truly Victorian #466 "Alexandra Bodice"
Fabrics: Maroon colored basic flat weave, "fiber content unknown." I suspect a high rayon content because of how soft and drapey it is.
              The black on the skirt and lining for the over skirt is loose weave georgette.
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Final Garment Measurements:
Chest: 42"
Waist: 32"
Hip: <50"
Hem: 40" at front
Neck circumference: 15.5"
Back width: 15.5"

Wednesday, 6 January 2016

1850s Ball Gown - Gold & Ivory Brocade

Patterns: Skirt - Truly Victorian #244 "1859 Double Skirt"
                 Bodice - Simplicity 2881 as base, but heavily altered.
Fabrics: Polyester/Rayon brocade with metallic thread. Gold and Ivory stripe.
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Final Garment Measurements:
Chest: 44"*
Waist: 33"
Hip: Free
Hem: 42"
*The bodice contains built in padding that alllows
the wearer to reach a final size of 44". The wearer
can have a smaller chest, then supplement with the padding.

Friday, 1 January 2016

1890s Gold on White - Butterick 3417 & 3418

Patterns: Skirt - Butterick #3418, view A without trims.
                 Blouse - Butterick #3417, view C, with trim alterations.
                 Sash - Good old math =)
Fabrics: Skirt is 100% cotton, medium weight, standard weave, with gold print.
               Blouse is 100% cotton batiste, light weight, with white embroidery and appliques.
               Lining is white China silk, flat lining, for both.
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Measurements: *I made the pattern size 16 for the skirt and 18 for the blouse
Chest; 38" (variable, due to gathered nature of blouse. I would say 40" max)
Waist: 30"
Hip: <45"
Hem: 42" at front, about 44" at back (extra petticoats fluff the skirt outward, so true standing height from waist is probably around 40")