Friday, 3 March 2017

1880s Black Evening Gown - Asymmetrical

Era: Victorian, Late Bustle, 1883-1890
Patterns: Truly Victorian #261 Skirt, #382 "Add-On", and #460 Bodice (altered)
Fabric: Faux-silk faille, 100% polyester. Sleeves are black chiffon with black velvet flocking.

Chest: 43" max.
Waist: 34"
Back Width: 15" max
Sleeve Length: 15" from shoulder to end of cuff.
Hem: 40" at front, 44" at back.

This dress consists of 4 separate parts: Bodice, Skirt, Over-skirt, and Fichu (scarf). The fabric is a polyester/rayon blend done in imitation of a very small rib silk faille. The bodice is fully interfaced in cotton, lined in black cotton, and has 8 bones on the seams and front darts. The neckline is low and wide, suitable to evening, but the a fichu of matching fabric to the sleeves can fill in the neckline for day time wear.

The over-skirt is originally intended to be an add-on to the skirt, but I gave it a separate waistband so the skirt can be worn alone, if designed, or pieces can be mixed and matched with other garments. I'm not a fan of compound skirts with a lot of things all attached together, because they are difficult to wash, iron, and store properly.