Tuesday, 29 June 2021

1880s Riding Habit - Brown wool blend

Patterns: Truly Victorian #264 "Riding Habit Skirt" , Bodice is a combination of the Truly Victorian riding jacket and a self drafted front, with alterations to the back. 
Fabric: A chocolate brown wool/poly blend. Skirt lining faux silk, cobalt blue. Bodice lining is a piece-work of scrap linen and silk. 

Chest: 38-39"
Waist: 31-32"
Hip: <44"
Hem: 42" at left side (42" all around when right side is looped up *see below)
Bicep: 14" max
Neck: 15.5" max

Friday, 18 June 2021

1895 Bolero Jacket & Skirt Set - Waugh LX

Patterns: Butterick 3418 for the skirt, Truly Victorian #494 for the blouse, and pattern diagram LX from Waugh's The Cut of Women's Clothes for the jacket. 

Fabrics: Green velvet lace, rayon/cotton blend. Black faux silk, rayon (Jacket lining), and black satin poly blend (skirt lining). 

Measurements: *Being an open front jacket, there is some wiggle room is upper body fit. 
Chest: 36-38" (accommodates large cup size well)
Waist: 28"
Hip: <42"
Hem: 40.5" at front, 42" at back. 
Back Width (between armhole seams): 12.5"
Back Width (actual body measurement): 14-15"
Back Length (jacket, from nape to end): 14.25"
Shoulders: 16.5" roughly, though large sleeve allows wiggle room.
Forearm circumference: 12" max
Bicep (sleeve lining): 14" max
Neck: 13.5" max (close fitting)

Diagram LX "c.1895 Bolero Jacket"

This is my first time making the 1895 Bolero Jacket from the Waugh book. As I always do with first time patterns like this--patterns taken from extant garments--I made this jacket with no alterations to to size or fit from the original pattern. I just added a 1/2" seam allowance. This way I could establish its original size and fit, something that is necessary before you can grade it to other sizes. 

Tuesday, 15 June 2021

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