Monday, 30 May 2016

1869 Parlor Dress - Separates

Patterns: Truly Victorian #202 "1869 Grand Parlor Skirt"
               Bodice from Harper's Bazar, June 3rd 1871. Supplement pattern No.II (personal magazine supplement collection).
Fabrics: Skirt is 100% silk, plaid. 100% cotton lining.
              Bodice is heavy weight 100% cotton sateen.
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Chest - 37"
Waist - 29"
Hip - Free
Hem - 39" at front, 60" at back
Back width - 14.5"

The illustration above, taken from the cover of Harper's Bazar (June 3rd, 1871) appears to show a bolero jacket over neck height bodice. In fact, the trim on the bolero gives that illusion. The under portion is, in fact, low neck. The original had the bolero hooking closed from neck to top of breast, covering the exposed portion of the low under-bodice. I decided to leave the bolero open and allow the under-portion's low neckline to show.

Monday, 23 May 2016

1860s Bolero (Zouave) Jacket with Detachable Sleeves

Patterns: Truly Victorian #444 "1864 Spanish Jackets"
               Truly Victorian #441 "1861 Garibaldi Blouse"
Fabrics: 100% cotton, yarn dyed Hounds-tooth Flannel. Blouse is cotton with a raised mini-stripe and dot. 100% silk for lining and all piping accents.
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Chest - 43"
Waist - 35"
Hip - Free
Hem - 43"

This set is made from the same hounds-tooth flannel I used for my last project, the 1871 Polonaise. I love 60" fabrics because they go so much further than their 45" counterparts. =)

Wednesday, 18 May 2016

1871 Polonaise from Harper'z Bazar

Pattern: Harper's Bazar pattern supplement, 1871. Vol. IV, No.36, pattern #1 "Gros Grain Mourning Dress." Taken from the original magazine and sheet in my collection =)
Fabrics: 100% cotton, yarn dyed houndstooth flannel. 100% silk accents, dark brown. 100% cotton lining.

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*I graded the pattern up from the original by several inches. The original comes out to a 24" waist
Chest: 40" (large cup)
Waist: 30"
Hip: Free
Back Width: 14"
Hem: 39" at front.

Monday, 2 May 2016

1911 Suit Ensemble - From "Margot Hill" book

Patterns: All taken from the 1911 Women's pattern set in The Evolution of Fashion, by Margot Hill and Peter A. Bucknell. New York: Reinhold (1967), p. 206-209.
Ensemble includes separate patterns for:
High-waisted skirt
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Fabrics: 100% Cotton, all layers. The green fabric is a woven jacquard in sage green. The blouse is cotton batiste, embroidered and flocked with appliques.
Measurements: *Patterns in the Hill/Bucknell book have been sized to an average 25/26" waist, and 35" bust. I did not grade this pattern, but made it "as is" from the book. These were my final dress form measurements during mounting of the finished garments
Chest: 35"
Waist: 27"
Hip: 38"
Hem (from natural waist): 39"
Back width: 14"
Neck: 15" max
Wrist (for blouse): 7.5" max
Sleeves from shoulder (blouse): 22"
Sleeves from shoulder (coat): 23"