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This is a list of past garments I have made, back before I started this blog. These go back more than ten years, so it may take me a while to post all of them. Some I did so long ago I can't even remember what patterns I used, if any, so some will have very scanty information attached to them.

The best source for seeing my past work is The Antique Sewist - Flickr page, which I stopped using regularly some time ago. It take me a while to transfer more than 1500 images to this blog.

I do wish Blogger would allow for a kind of linkable thumbnail image setup without it turning into a html code nightmare(as a novice, I consider ALL html code to be a nightmare). Therefore, I will have to settle for vague descriptions of the gowns and links to their respective pages.

Pre 18th Century

~1630s Italian Dress

18th Century

~1760s Robe a la Francaise, Gold Silk.

~1780s Robe a l'Anglaise, 2 Dresses 
~Grand Panniers, French Style - Gold Faux Silk


1830s Romantic, Gothic

~1830s Puff Sleeve Day Dress - Black on White Embroidered
~1830s Gigot Sleeve Day Dress - Blue on White Organza

Crinoline, US Civil War
~1840s Day Dress w/ Antique Collar - Purple Calico w/ Green Trim
~1850s Ball Gown Separates - Black & Gold Jacquard

Early Bustle (1870s)
~1870s Winter Parlor Dress - Green Velvet & Plaid
~1870s Basque Promenade Dress - Rose Satin with Ivory Lace
~1870s Polonaise - Purple Ribbed Silk with Black Trim
~1870s Promenade Dress - Ivory Faux Silk with Heavy Embroidery
~1870s Day Dress - Pink Calico & Pleated Trim

Natural Form, (1875 - 1883, roughly)
~1882 Polonaise Evening Dress from Harper's Bazar - Striped Silk
~1880s Bridal Toilette. Harper's Bazar, March 1880
~1882 Tea Gown - Embroidered Scarlet Taffeta

Late Bustle (1883 - 1891)
~1880s Oriental Bolero Set - Gold & Black Silk
~1889 Steel Gray Military Suit - Cotton

Belle Epoch (Epoque), 1890s.
~1890s Blouse & Skirt Set - Green Velvet and Plaid

Edwardian & WWI

1920s - 1950s

Contemporary (1960s - Present) 
Fantasy and Ethnic

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