Thursday, 29 October 2020

Black Chemise a la Reine LM #133

Pattern: Laughing Moon #133, View B with Full Gathers.
Fabrics: 100% cotton, sheer weight. 100% silk for lining. 

Chest: 40"
Mid-Waist: 36.5" or less*
Hip: Free
Back Width: 14.5"

*The waist sits half-way between the natural waist and the underbust. 

I took some pictures with the gown inside-out to better show the structure of the lining. 

The pattern does not have any instructions for partially lining the sleeves. It is something I decided to add based on a painting I had seen of something similar on a white gown. 

The back closes with hooks and eyes. The pattern has ties here, but doesn't provide instructions of doing a drawstring at the top through the gathered body and lining. It's somewhat of a nuisance, and I would say that if you're doing the option of the fitting lining, don't bother with the ties closures. They will gap anyway and you'll end up needing the hooks and eyes. 

Showing without the sash, the waistline sits quite high, between natural and under-bust. If you have a large cup size relative the pattern size, you will have to length the front bodice to keep the waist from sitting too high.