Sunday, 21 June 2015

Simplicity 3637 - Robe a la Francaise COMPLETE

Simplicity 3637
Robe a la Francaise 
*Shown over steel hoop panniers & quilted petticoat
Pattern size 20.
100% cotton
available on ebay HERE

The pattern calls for 20 yards at 45". In my making, the main dress took 13 yards and the petticoat took 5.5 yards. Thus, the yardage called for is pretty darn close. 

 In the picture below, you can best see the alterations I made to the front. I did not like the hook/eye closure of the original pattern. I replaced it with a lacing closure and a stomacher to cover, then added false robing folds on either side to cover the edges of the stomacher.

 Here you can see the back lacing from the inside.

 Here we have the petticoat. The pattern instructions for this are pretty minimal and the instructions for binding the top and making the ties is, I think, not very efficient. the patterns has you setting the ties on either side, rather than back and front.

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