Sunday, 28 June 2015

Truly Victorian #324 Long Draped Overskirt

I whipped up this natural form era dress from some cotton I had on hand. I altered the bodice from a pattern so much that the original pattern is essentially meaningless. I may as well have just drafted it. Same with the underskirt. So, the only discernible pattern from the whole thing is the TV #324 Long Draped Overskirt.
Available on ebay HERE

The only alteration I made to the overskirt was to shorten it by about 4". This overskirt is quite long, so if your fabric has any weight to it, the front may weight itself down until it passes the hem of your underskirt. Keep that in mind when choosing fabrics. Keep it light weight.

You can find a lot of really good trims in the yarn department, especially with the novelty yards. This one is really a very delicate eyelash trim. I got 126 yards of it for $3. You can't beat that =) I really need to find it in white.

The underskirt is a mish-mash of scrap cotton for the base, then plaid cotton ruffles on the bottom. As such, the underskirt isn't mean to be worn alone, since it's top half is scrap material.

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