Sunday, 10 May 2015

1870s Mourning Dress

A mix of Truly Victorian Victorian patterns, altered.
Bodice: TV460, shortened. Collar reshaped and shortened. Sleeves taken from TV420 to avoid shoulder puff. It is shown tucked in, under a belt, as well as untucked further down.
Over Skirt: TV305, front panel lengthened and widened at sides to create a straight hem. Extra pleats added at sides to compensate for the lengthening.
Underskirt: TV201. Closure moved from left side-back to center back with an overlapping gauntlet style placket. Otherwise, unaltered.

The sash belt is just a 10 foot long sash, 4" wide. The center of the sash is folded over and trimmed with velvet ribbon (this is the "belt" portion), then flares back out to 4" width for the bow and drapes.

Below we have the bodice untucked and outside the overskirt. I left it just long enough to be tucked in without worries of it working itself out, but I think it looks okay outside too =)

Below you can see the ribbons that pull back and bunch up the back of the over-skirt. For this overskirt to lay just right, you really need those ties and they need to be pulled back firmly.

Hopefully there will be a few more pictures to follow tonight. =)

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