Friday, 22 May 2015

1880s Calico Day Dress - Purple and Cream

1880s Cotton Calico Day Dress,
Purple & Cream
with Silk vest front. 

**I took photos with several different camera settings, so the colors will vary. 

Fabrics: 100% cotton, printed. 100% silk Dupioni. Cotton/linen blend (solid purple).
Trims: Polyester satin ribbon, 100% nylon lace

Chest: 44"
Waist: 34"
Hip: <53"
Hem: 41" at front


I absolutely love all three of these patterns. The sizing is spot on and the final silhouette is almost perfect. I rearranged the back puffs on the over skirt a bit from what is directed in the pattern, but that's the only alteration I made. I also extended the back hem of the under skirt to accommodate a larger bustle. 

 The only thing I would advise people to be careful of is the front vest portion when you get up to the collar area. As you can see, the top of the vest portion ends before the shoulder seam and get incorporated into the neckline with the collar going over it. Now, if you make the seam there too large, it won't get covered up property when you attach the collar. I recommend ending the vest portion there, in the circle I've drawn at less than .5" seam allowance, just to be sure you get it covered when you go to attached the collar. =) 

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